Firestorm's 24x7 DropIn SciFi RolePlay

**Come RolePlay With Us**

Where: Callahan's Spiral Galaxy,

What: SciFi RolePlay. Drop in, find someone else here and roleplay with them. Note: this is text RP in local chat. (If you prefer, you can just come take a look at the station and explore.)

Dress Code: This is generic SciFi roleplay, so feel free to wear any sort of G-rated science fiction avatar/costume from any SciFi genre. (If you don't have a SciFi costume/avatar and would like one, there are some free ones on the lower level of Callahan's in room A01.) Feel free to drop in and select a free SciFi avatar.

Note -Costumes are optional, not required, so please feel free to come even if you don't have a SciFi costume.

Other Info: We have lots of stuff here for RP and/or exploration. There is a bar, a smoking/gambling room (complete with Greedy and Poker tables), the station's visitor information center, a gym (you need to work out to keep your muscle tone in space), a communications center, the Galaxy Dance Club and a few indoor garden areas. Feel free to Roleplay in any of these areas.

-> Now Hiring <-

Callahan's is looking for some “staff,” such as bar tenders, waitresses, the janitor, regular bar customers etc – these are RP positions and filling one will not automatically put you on the Firestorm Team.You will develop a character and come somewhat regularly as that character with the goal of helping to foster the RP. These roleplay “staff” positons are for people who are making a commitment to frequent and hang out at the bar and engage those who drop by in RP. You can also use the Firestorm Gateway Roleplay Group chat to invite folks to join you for RP.

If you are interested, please contact Teresa Firelight or Star Wolff (StarWolff2000)

**Introducing Callahan's Spiral Galaxy**

The Firestorm Gateway has an area dedicated to 24×7 drop-in SciFi RolePlay. It is loosely patterned after the Cantina from Star Wars Episode IV, where folks of all species/backgrounds come together to conduct their business (much of which is less than legal). It is set on the top deck of space station Tempus. This is the only space station in this sector, so it tends to be busy. The station and bar have a backstory, and are a perfect setting for many different types of SciFi RolePlay.

Callahan's Backstory:

A group of misfits, having escaped from a prison planet, found the abandoned station on their voyage across the stars. The station, SS Tempus, had been stripped of some of it's key components, but other than that, it was in relatively good condition.

Together they established it as their own, taking a vow of secrecy to protect themselves from arrest. Their past transgressions are not known: some may have been killers, some just rebels or some may have been petty thieves. Others may have been falsely accused “innocents.”

The group of travelers appears to get along, but beneath the surface there are distinct factions. They took over the station and decided to act like they are supposed to be there, establishing a way station for galaxy travelers to rest and relax in their journey. Trading became a byproduct of the endeavor as they made friends with both legit cargo ship captains and black market cartels.

From time to time the station comes under attack from forces not known …. possibly bounty hunters or intergalactic police agents looking for those who committed crimes, possibly a victim of fowl play coming back for “revenge,” possibly pirates out for a quick profit…

**Why Is Firestorm Offering 24x7 DropIn RolePlay?**

Firestorm Gateway's goal is to introduce new-to-SL residents to RolePlay with seasoned RolePlayers. We want them to experience SciFi RolePlay and see if it is something they are interested in. Firestorm Gateway's motivation is to help these new residents find something that they love, that will make them want to keep coming back to SL. To that end, Callahan's RolePlay area is different than almost any other in SL.

We actually encourage existing SciFi RolePlay groups to befriend and recruit the new residents. There is one Caveat to this: experienced RPers need to somewhat regularly RP here and must form some type of relationship with new-to-SL residents before inviting them to their groups. In other words, experienced RolePlayers can form friendships with new-to-SL folks, then invite interested parties to visit their RolePlay area, join their RolePlay group, etc. This accomplishes two things for us… 1) it connects new residents into communities so they will want to keep coming back to SL, and 2) it helps existing RolePlay groups to grow and prosper. (Of course, we expect everyone to be new-resident friendly, e.g., tolerant of new-resident mistakes and lack of SL expertise.)

Callahan's is also intended to be a RolePlay home for existing RolePlayers who dont have a RolePlay home and would like a nice place to drop-in and RolePlay. We are also looking for “regulars” who can help us establish Callahan's.

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