An Alliance for Independent Ships/Stations That Want to Partner with Firestorm Gateway

Firestorm Gateway Starfleet (FGS) is an alliance of independent ships, stations, and roleplayers who wish to retain their autonomy but be part of a larger group that provides resources and identity. FGS respects each group’s right to determine their storyline, their Trek timeline/time-frame, their decisions on ranks and promotion criteria, etc. It also provides access to new-to-SL individuals who are interested in Trek RP.


FGS provides some resources for member-ships and stations. These include:

  • free duty uniforms (with Omega appliers for those avatars who have mesh bodies)
  • a weapons system that works even in no-rez areas
  • a sophisticated combadge system
  • the ability to send notices to a group of over 1000 people who are interested in scifi RP
  • a system to teleport interested new-to-SL residents from Firestorm Gateway to your ship during your RP times.

It also provides the occasional shared ceremonies presided over by the Jessica Lyon, president of the United Federation of Planets (and team leader for Firestorm). And possibly most important, it gives you an opportunity to meet people who might become interested in joining your crew.


  1. You must be “newbie friendly” at all times, as the purpose of this project is to introduce new-to-SL individuals to Trek RP and get them linked in with existing groups, so that they make connections and want to keep coming back to SL.
  2. You MUST provide a 1-hour (or more if you want it to be longer) RP a week at a scheduled time on the Firestorm Gateway grounds. Newbies may drop in on the RP at any time during that hour, so you need to provide enough crew to sustain a small RP—but at the same time be flexible to allow the new people to join in if they so desire.
  3. You must dress/talk/behave in a G manner while on the Firestorm Gateway.
  4. Absolutely No Drama. Also no badmouthing other Trek groups or individuals.

Interested? Please contact Teresa Firelight.

Non–Trek RP

If you have a non–Trek SciFi RP group and are comfortable using the Tempus station or Epsilon Ship, you are also welcome to join in. You will have the same resources and requirements that the Trek groups have, but your weekly roleplay does not have to be even remotely Star Trek—but the RP on Firestorm's Scifi Portal still needs to happen weekly at your scheduled time.

Existing Trek or SciFi RP Groups

You are most welcome to partner with Firestorm to promote Trek RP and to introduce new-to-SL folks to your organization. However, we have a different mechanism for the larger established groups than we have for the independent ships. Please see Firestorm Gateway Roleplay Partners for more information.

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