The Firestorm Gateway has a large RP environment, consisting of a Generic Space Station (ISS Tempus), a generic space ship (FSS Epsilon) and a Trek Starship (USS Gateway). We do some scheduled RPs on them from time to time during the week, but most of the time they are open and available for people to use/enjoy. If you and some of your friends want to do your own RPs in the firestorm RP area, you are most welcomed to. We only have a few simple rules we ask you to follow:

1. Be friendly and inviting to others, especially to those who are new to SL.

2. Keep your RP (your dress, your conversation and your behavior) G rated while in the Firestorm RP area.

3. No drama, grieffing, badmouthing of other groups or individuals

Feel free to use the Firestorm Gateway Roleplay group chat to invite others to those RPs you do in the Firestorm Roleplay areas. Please do NOT use it to announce anything that is NOT taking place off of the Firestorm RP area.

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