Did you know that many first time visitors to SL are interested in SciFi and/or Roleplay? Because of that, the Firestorm Gateway has developed a SciFi Portal. The portal provides explorers with the following:

  • An interesting SciFi environment to explore and interact with
  • A place to either observe or join in SciFi RolePlay
  • HUD-driven quests to allow a person to complete a series of tasks as a space station security guard or as a starship engineer.
  • A place for new-to-SL and new-to-RP individuals to get free SciFi uniforms, skins or whole avatars so that they can create their own SciFi look.

Explore the SciFi Portal

Do you love SciFi and also love to explore? The SciFi portal can keep you busy for hours and hours. There is a large Trek Starship (the USS Gateway), a generic scifi spaceship (the Epsilon) and a huge space station (ISS Tempus). You can visit a working holodeck, fly a shuttle in open space, work out in the station's gym (stocked with interactive exercise equipment), have a drink at Callahan's bar, play poker or greedy, dance on a futuristic dance floor, pilot a Federation Starship, etc. There is also a tutorial section for those new to RP, and two supply decks. You can get uniforms on the Starship Supply Deck, and Scifi Avatars and/or Alien skins on the station supply deck (located on the lower level of Callahans bar.)

Get started at the SciFi Portal: SciFi Portal

Once you arrive, find the sign that says “Click here to select a SciFi Destination.” Choose your destination from a pulldown menu, and *poof* you will be there.

Here is a video of someone exploring it… just to give you an idea:

Firestorm Gateway Roleplay

There is so much to be said about the Roleplay that it has its own page. Please see Firestorm Gateway Roleplay for more details.

SciFi Portal Quests

A quest is an adventure where you have to complete a series of tasks. (They are also a great way to get a self-guided tour of either the Starship or the Space Station.)

The quests are on a terminal on the wall just to the right of the transporter. You can choose between the following

  • Starship Quest - This allows you to be an engineer on the Trek Starship, USS Gateway. You will be given a series of engineering challenges to complete that move you around the Starship. This quest usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Station Quest - This allows you to be a security guard on patrol of the station. You will have to deal with issues such as feeding prisoners detained in the brig, dealing with contraband and stolen supplies. You will also have to patrol much of the station, getting a great tour of this large station. This quest usually takes about 1/2 hour to complete.

The Quest HUD

The quests use a HUD. You can get the HUD from the dispenser in the SciFi Portal. Here are the instructions for using the HUD:

1. Touch the Quest HUD Giver sign for the HUD.

2. Find the HUD in inventory and wear.

3. When you are prompted for permission for this quest to Attach To Your Avatar, say “YES”

4. The HUD will be a red oval on your viewscreen near the top center. Text instructions from it will display above the HUD and also in local chat.

5. Left touch HUD and select “Start Quest”

6. A submenu will appear. Select the quest listed in the submenu.

7. Watch the hud for instructions. If you miss something, you can find it in local chat as well.

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