Firestorm's Star Trek RolePlay

**Come RolePlay With Us**

Where: USS Gateway Bridge,

What: Star Trek RolePlay. Experience what it is like to be crew on a Starfleet Starship. We have multiple missions each week. If you come when no organized RP is going on, feel free to do an impromptu RolePlay with one of your friends or with another crew member. Note: this is text RP in local chat. (If you prefer, you can just come take a look at the ship and explore.)

Dress Code: This is Star Trek RolePlay. Starfleet Uniforms are encouraged but not required. If you would like a free uniform, we have some nice ones on the Supply Deck (you can take the ship's turbolift to the supply deck).

Note -Uniforms are optional, not required, so please feel free to come even if you don't have a Star Trek Uniform.

Other Info: The ship is huge, having several decks. You can use the Turoblift to move around the ship. There is a holodeck with multiple holodeck programs you can rez. Also the Shuttlebay has a shuttle rezzer, where you can rez a shuttle and then fly around the exterior of the starship.

-> Now Hiring <-

The USS Gateway is looking for regular crew, with openings in the following departments: Engineering, Medical, Operations, Science, Security/Tactical. These are RP positions and filling one will not automatically put you on the Firestorm Team. You will develop a character and come faithfully to one (or more) of the weekly mission times.

If you are interested, please contact Teresa Firelight or StarWolff (StarWolff2000)

**Introducing the USS Gateway**

The Firestorm Gateway has an area dedicated to Star Trek RolePlay. It is a Sovereign Class Starship, coming from the era The Next Generation (TNG) and/or Voyager. This is a complete ship, with a full hull and a shuttlebay that opens to space. Physically it is positioned a little above the Space Station Tempus.

How The Turbolift Works:

We use a turbolift to move around the ship. It is a Trek Version of an elevator. It is actually pretty easy to use:

  • touch the door to open them
  • walk inside and find the “Turbolift – Select Destination” Sign
  • select your desired destination and left click it. You will be instantly transported to your destination
  • exit turbolift
Features and Points of Interest
  • Bridge
    • Viewscreen - touch the viewscreen on the bridge, and it will give you a menu with many possible scenes, including a moving warp display.
    • Alert System - touch the circular ring just below the dome, and it will give you an alert menu. If you come on the bridge and all craziness is breaking loose with alert system, touch the ring under the dome and select “All Clear”
  • Holodeck - touch the “Holodeck Programming” screen just outside the holodeck door, and you will get a menu with 14 sceens to choose from. Some of them have interactive features.
  • Shuttlebay – Rez a shuttle and fly it outside the ship
    • Touch the 01 or the 02 pad on the floor for menu
    • Select shuttle type from list (recommend Type 6 Shuttle)
    • A shuttle will rez
    • Right Click shuttle and select “sit here”
    • Say “start” in local chat to start engines
    • use the direction arrows and Page Up/Page Down to fly shuttle
    • when done flying it, simply “stand” (Shuttle will disappear in 3 minutes)
  • Sickbay – Once you lay on a sickbay bed, touch it again for a menu to change position (Anims) or to take medical scans.
  • Supply deck – has free uniforms and other supplies.

**Why Is Firestorm Offering Star Trek RolePlay?**

Firestorm Gateway's goal is to introduce new-to-SL residents to RolePlay with seasoned RolePlayers. We want them to experience SciFi RolePlay and see if it is something they are interested in. Firestorm Gateway's motivation is to help these new residents find something that they love, that will make them want to keep coming back to SL. To that end, the Firestorm Gateway RolePlay area is different than almost any other in SL.

We actually encourage existing Star Trek RolePlay groups to befriend and recruit the new residents. There is one Caveat to this: experienced RPers need to somewhat regularly RP here and must form some type of relationship with new-to-SL residents before inviting them to their groups. In other words, experienced RolePlayers can form friendships with new-to-SL folks, then invite interested parties to visit their RolePlay area, join their RolePlay group, etc. This accomplishes two things for us… 1) it connects new residents into communities so they will want to keep coming back to SL, and 2) it helps existing RolePlay groups to grow and prosper. (Of course, we expect everyone to be new-resident friendly, e.g., tolerant of new-resident mistakes and lack of SL expertise.)

The USS Gateway is also intended to be a RolePlay home for existing Star Trek RolePlayers who dont have a RolePlay home and would like a nice place to drop-in and RolePlay. We are also looking for “regulars” who would like to join our crew.

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