Gesture List Window

Gestures are a type of inventory item that trigger your avatar to animate, play sounds, and/or emit text chat. Created with a series of steps, gestures can be used for practical purposes or to amuse friends.

The Gesture List Window can be accessed from the top menu bar, Comm → Gestures. Note that there is also a “quick list” of gestures available from the Gestures button on the bottom bar.

The window shows a list of your active (aka favorite gestures, in columns as follows:

  • Name: Name of the gesture.
  • Chat: The chat sequence that triggers the gesture.
  • Key: Keybaord shortcut (if any) assigned to the gesture.

At the bottom are some buttons:

  • Gear: This opens a drop-down menu, with the following options:
    • Add/Remove from Favorites: Toggles a gesture between active and inactive. Only active gestures can be triggered.
    • Copy: Copies the gesture to your clipboard.
    • Copy UUID: Copies the gesture's UUID.
    • Save to current outfit: Adds the gesture to your current outfit folder, shown in your current outfit.
    • Edit: Opens the Gesture_Editor. Same thing as the Edit button below.
  • Plus: Creates a new gesture and opens the Gesture Editor.
  • Check: Activates and deactives the selected gesture(s).
  • Trash: Deletes the selected gesture(s).
  • Edit: Opens the Gesture Editor so you can modify the currently selected gesture.
  • Play: Plays the selected gesture.
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