If you have a problem using Firestorm, there are a number of ways in which you can get help. It is strongly recommended that you try the following, in order.

As of 1 Jan 2013, support for Phoenix Viewer has been discontinued. You may consult the Phoenix Viewer Wiki for information.

Online Documentation

The viewer has extensive online documentation, explaining the features and how to use them. If there is some feature which you do not know how to use, then please consult the documentation.

Things Not Working Correctly

If you have problems with things not working as they should, or are crashing a lot, or being disconnected, etc, then the best place to go is the troubleshooting section of our online wiki.

Getting Help In-World

If the above do not provide a solution for you, or you need urgent help, then the best way is to contact one of our several in-world Firestorm support groups. Please view our tips, rules, and guidelines for our help groups here.

Please note, group chat lag can be a serious issue. So when you go to a support group for help, please bear in mind the following:

  • Please indicate what viewer you are using, and what operating system you are using (Windows, OSX, linux) and which version.
    Recent versions of Firestorm have a checkbox in the English support group chat window: Specify version; please enable this to make it easier for the support team to assist you.
  • Your question may not show up for some time; allow time for it to post, and therefore time for people to see it and respond. Posting over and over is not helpful.
  • Chat lag frequently results in posts appearing out of order, so rather than post multiple short lines, try to express your issue all on one line, as concisely and clearly as possible.
  • If your question has an answer on the wiki, you will very likely be pointed to the relevant page; the solution there will be far more detailed than what help can be given in the group.
  • Please remember that support staff are volunteers, and help out on their own time, without pay. They may not be able to help, but they do try. Be respectful.
  • Support groups (except where noted) are PG, so please mind your language. While off-topic chat is allowed, it must give way to support issues. No advertising, no hating, no flaming, no drama; no spamming, advertising or begging.

In-World Classes

We hold in-world classes explaining how to use Firestorm, what the preferences and menus mean, and so on. A great way to learn how to use the viewer, with an opportunity to ask questions as well.

The class schedule is posted here.

Filing a Support Ticket or Bug Report

If you believe you have found a bug - or if you were unable to get help from the wiki or in a support group - then please file a report via our JIRA (bug tracker). In order to best help, please supply basic information.

The Firestorm Support Team only provides support for the latest official release of Firestorm Viewer. Earlier versions, even those released by the Firestorm team, are subject to limited or no support.

CtrlAltStudio Viewer

CtrlAltStudio Viewer (CAS) is a third-party viewer that is substantially based on but unrelated to Firestorm. At present, its website tells users:

  • If the problem you’re having or suggestion for improvement is not for one of the CtrlAltStudio Viewer specific features (see the list here), please check whether it’s also a problem with or suggestion for the Firestorm viewer; if it is then direct your enquiry to them.

This is not to be interpreted to mean that users should seek help with CAS problems from the Firestorm Support Team. It concerns the development of the viewer, rather than support, which means the appropriate source for such information is the JIRA, where viewer bug reports and feature requests are handled.

Steps for addressing your CAS problem:

  • Search the JIRA to see if your issue has been reported and is being addressed as a bug. If it is, comment on and/or follow this JIRA (you’ll need a JIRA account to do either); if there are workarounds, they are likely discussed in the comments. If there aren’t, there is nothing further you can do until the bug is fixed. Note that you must be have tested your issue on a current version of Firestorm if you are commenting on an open issue.
  • Note that because CAS releases may not be current to Firestorm releases, a bug might already have been fixed, and the fix could be available on the latest version of Firestorm. If/when this is the case, CAS will not have the fix until its developer(s) update it.
  • If your bug has not been reported yet, download the current official version of Firestorm to test for the presence of the bug and then file a JIRA of your own. You must test your issue on the current official version of Firestorm before doing so. Bugs that are reported without current Firestorm system information will be closed.

Self-Compiled Versions of Firestorm

Even if the version of Firestorm you are running is the same as the current official version, we cannot provide support for it in our support groups if you built it on your own system. There might be subtle differences in build environments that generate unexpected results. Download the latest official version and test there before reporting your bug or seeking support.

Earlier Versions of Firestorm

Only the most recent official release of the viewer is supported. Additional previous versions continue to be available (usually the two most recent builds but sometimes one or two more) under the assumption that if they work for you, there is no need to force an update. If problems develop, however, you must update to the most recent version to receive assistance.

Support for Other (Non-Bug) Issues

If you know or suspect that your problem is not a viewer bug:

  • Begin your troubleshooting by downloading the latest version of Firestorm to see if the issue exists there, as well.
  • Use the troubleshooting section of the Firestorm wiki to search for solutions to your problem.
  • If you cannot find an adequate solution to your problem, you can join one of the Firestorm support groups to ask for help, but you must be using or have tested on the most recent official release of Firestorm to receive help.
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