Ghosted Avatar

If you find yourself in the situation that your account is logged in and you are unable to log in again, you have what is commonly called a “ghosted avatar”, or “ghosted account”. This is a server problem: the SL servers are not releasing the account to allow log in again.

Suggestions for Unghosting

There are some things you can try to get the account logged out, but they are anecdotal and not guaranteed to work:

  • you can attempt to have it logged out by paying it 1L or giving it objects (use an alt account, or ask a friend to do this).
  • If that fails, then you can try spamming the account with IMs. Copy a large block of text and paste it, repeatedly, into an IM to the “ghosted” account.
  • For every 15 minutes that a ghosted avatar is online, it actually goes “offline” for 1 minute. During that 1 minute window, you will actually be able to login to anywhere but the sim where you are ghosted. Therefore, please follow these steps to get logged in and kick your ghost off the system:
    1. Repeatedly attempt to log in without breaks for 30 minutes at most. It is crucial that you are trying to log into somewhere other than where you are ghosted.
    2. Once you get logged in, teleport to the location where your ghosted avatar is.
    3. Upon arriving in the same location as your ghosted avatar, it should disappear.
  • Try logging in with an incorrect password. Naturally, the log in will fail. Wait a minute or two then repeat, 2 to 3 times. Then try logging in with the correct password.

If none of these work, then the only other known solution is to restart the SIM on where the ghosted account is located. You may have to contact the SIM owner to have this done. For mainland SIMs, that means contacting LL Support.

More in depth suggestions are given here.


If you find that your account is being ghosted quite often, then you need to look for possible causes at your end. Ghosting often occurs due to failures to hand off your avatar data between regions. And note that this is not related to which viewer you use.

The primary suspect here is your network connection. The first thing to do is to check your real bandwidth, to ensure you have not set bandwidth too high, or too low; see here.

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