There are two versions of this window, depending on whether you are making a direct payment to someone (via their profile, or by right clicking on them) - or whether you are making a purchase from a scripted vendor.

Making a Direct Payment

Pay Resident

Here, you can indicate how much you wish to pay, either by selecting one of the default values on the buttons (L$1, L$5, L$10, L$20), or by typing in an amount. Click Pay to complete the transaction; the funds will be debited to your SL L$ account, and transferred. Click Cancel if you change your mind.

Paying a Vendor

Pay Resident

Some vendors will present a window like the one here, when you purchase from them. Specifically, a window like this will appear if you right click the vendor and see the option Pay (as opposed to Buy; these give a different window). They offer a single L$ figure, which you can click to make the purchase.

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