Groups - General

This first tab has general information about the group.

  • Group Key: this shows the group's UUID - Universally unique identifier. To the right of this is a button, Copy URI, which copies the group's URI to your clipboard. A URI resembles a SURL, and may be used to send a link to others to suggest they join a group, for example. A URI resembles this:
  • Founder: shows the name of the person who created the group. Note that the group found might possibly no longer be the owner, or even a member of the group.
  • Icon and Charter: To the right of the group logo/icon is the group charter. This is generally used to explain, briefly, what the group is about, and give the group rules.
  • Copy Name: This button copies the group's name to your clipboard.
  • Membership List: the central portion of this tab contains the list of group members. The list has 3 columns, Member, Title (or group tag) and Status (which shows the date of last login). The list may be sorted by clicked the column titles. 1)
  • My Group Settings: Your specific settings for this group:
    • Show in my profile: If enabled, the group will shwo in your public profile; disable if you do not want it listed.
    • Receive Group notices: Enable if you want to get notices sent to the group.
    • Receive group instant messages: Disable this if you do not wish to receive group chat.
      NOTE: If you ever open the group chat to post in it, this setting will be enabled automatically; it is expected that if you post to a group chat, you want to see any replies made in it, so it will be “unmuted”.
    • Current title: this is a drop-down from you you may select your group title. The options here will depend on what role(s) you have in the group. In most cases, there will be only one selection available.
  • Group Setup: This section is only available if your group role allows you to make changes here. If so, you can flag the group to be listed in search, indicate whether the group is open enrolement or not, and whether there is a cost to join. The drop-down menu below this permits the group to be classified as “general” or “mature”.

At the bottom of the tab are 3 buttons, as follows:

  • Refresh: The circular arrow refreshes all the group information, including the full member list. Use this is you find that the information has not fully loaded.
  • Chat: Opens the group chat window.
  • Group Call: Initiate a group voice conference call.
  • Save: Saves any changes made. This is disabled if you didn't change anything. 2)

If you are not a member of the group, then the membership list may be incomplete, showing only the names of the group owner(s). The owners can control whether group members are visible to people who are not part of the group.
Note: it is best to ensure that the group member list is fully loaded before saving any changes.
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