Groups = Land and L$

This tab gives information on land owned by the group, liabilities due (if any) and so on. (Note: If you wish to see a summary of parcels you own, go to the top menu bar → World → Show Owned Land.)

The list at the top shows each parcel the group owns, the region where the parcel is located, the region type where the parcel is located, and size of the parcel.

Below this is a summary of the total contributions made by group members to the land, and then your own contributions. You can increase the land you contribute by typing in a value - up to the maximum shown underneath.

The Map button displays the select parcel on the World Map.

Then there are three tabs:


Shows the Linden dollar summary for the group along with the next stipend date.

Linden dollars earned by the group through group fees, plus land and object sales, appear in this summary and are disbursed on the next stipend date to group members who have been assigned a role that receives group dividends.


Shows details of Linden dollars disbursed by the group since the previous stipend date.


Shows group land or object sales since the last stipend date.

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