Groups - Notices

The upper section of this tab displays recent notices sent to the group. The list is arranged in columns. The first indicates whether the notice has an attachment, and what kind. Then comes the notice title, followed by the sender and date sent. The list may be sorted by clicking any of the column titles.

The lower part of the tab allows a new notice to be created, if your group role has the ability to send notices. Click the + New Notice button to create a new one. (The circular arrow to the right refreshes the list of notices above.)

When creating a new notice, type in the notice title. This should be short but descriptive. This is followed by the body of the notice itself, which is limited to 512 characters.

If you wish to attach a landmark, object or notecard, you may drag it into the space provided, or click the Inventory button; select the item to attach from the picker window that opens. If you change your mind about the attachment (eg, you selected the wrong one), click the small trashcan icon.

To send the notice, click the Send button. To cancel it, simply click anything else.

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