Image Preview

The window is displayed when you have selected an image you wish to upload as a texture into Second life.

The central portion shows the image you selected. If you mouse over the image, your cursor changes to a magnifying glass. You can click and drag the mouse up or down to zoom the image in or out.

Above the image, you can change the image name (the default is the name of the file you selected to upload). You can also supply an optional description.

Below this is a drop down which allows you to select how the image will be previewed, including being mapped to different parts of your avatar as shown in the Appearance Editor or sculpted prims. You can choose from:

  • Image - The default
  • Hair
  • Female Head
  • Female Upper Body
  • Female Lower Body
  • Male Head
  • Male Upper Body
  • Male Lower Body
  • Skirt
  • Sculpted prim

Below the image are two options:

  • Use lossless compression: SL normally applies a lossy compression to uploaded images, meaning they'll appear a bit fuzzier but load quicker. However, lossy compression isn't desirable for when exact precision is needed, such as the values used in sculpted prims and certain other smaller textures. Check this box if that's your intent. Note that lossless compression only applies to smaller textures;
  • Free (Temporary): Uploads the image as a temporary texture. Such textures are not actually stored in the asset servers and so will vanish over time. They can be used for test work but must never be used on a production (for sale) item, as they will vanish and be replaced by a flat grey.
    IMPORTANT: Temporary uploads are not available on regions with Server Side Appearance enabled.

To upload the image, click the Upload button; your SL account will be debited 10L by SL. Cancel closes the window without uploading.

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