This window will open if you right click an object and select Inspect from the context menu. It shows information about each prim which the object is made of. information on each prim is presented in columns, as follows:

Inspect Window

  • Object Name: Name of the prim.
  • Description: Description of the prim.
  • Owner Name: Name of the prim owner.
  • Creator Name: Name of the person who made the prim.
  • Faces: Number of texture faces.
  • Verticies: Number of verticies that make up the prim.
  • Triangles: Number of triangles that make up the object mesh.
  • TMem: Texture memory used by the prim.
  • VRAM: Video RAM used by the prim.
  • Creation Date: Date that specific prim was created.

Below the table are two buttons. If you highlight a prim in the table, then click one of the buttons…

  • See Owner Profile: Opens the profile for the prim owner.
  • See Creator Profile: Opens the profile of the prim's creator.
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