These instructions apply specifically to:
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Intel Graphics HD, Intel Graphics HD2500 and Intel Graphics HD4000
  • 64bit version of Firestorm only

Windows 10 updates since March 2017 have resulted in users experiencing stalling or crashing at “initializing VFS”.

Firestorm Release addresses this issue, but you must do this additional step once you have installed the 64bit version:

1. While logged out of Firestorm.
2. Right click the desktop shortcut for the 64bit Firestorm → Properties → Shortcut tab.
3. In the “Target” text box, go to the end of the text, *add a space* and then add this exact text to the end: --noprobe.

  "C:\Program Files\FirestormOS-Releasex64\FirestormOS-Releasex64.exe" --set InstallLanguage en --noprobe 

4. Click “OK” to apply to save changes and launch Firestorm using the Desktop shortcut. (Note that if you use the pinned application on your task bar, make sure you pin the shortcut, not the running viewer.)

For reference, see:
[Windows 64bit] Windows 10 - Stuck on “Initializing VFS” after KB4015217 on Intel HD, Intel HD 2500 & Intel HD 4000 cards on 64bit viewers only.

Reminder to check directly with the Intel website for the most up to date drivers.

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