AutoAcceptnewInventoryAutomatically accept new notecards/textures/landmarks
DebugInventoryFiltersTurn on debugging display for inventory filtering
DebugPermissionsLog permissions for selected inventory items
FilterItemsPerFrameMaximum number of inventory items to match against search filter every frame (lower to increase framerate while searching, higher to improve search speed)
floater_minimized_inventoryWindow Minimized state for inventory
floater_minimized_side_bar_tab_sidebar_inventoryWindow Minimized state for side_bar_tab_sidebar_inventory
floater_rect_inventoryWindow Position and Size for inventory
floater_rect_side_bar_tab_sidebar_inventoryWindow Position and Size for side_bar_tab_sidebar_inventory
floater_vis_inventoryWindow Visibility for inventory
floater_vis_side_bar_tab_inventoryWindow Visibility for side_bar_tab_inventory
FolderAutoOpenDelaySeconds before automatically expanding the folder under the mouse when performing inventory drag and drop
FolderLoadingMessageWaitTimeSeconds to wait before showing the LOADING… text in folder views
Inventory.FoldersAlwaysByNameDeclared in code
Inventory.SortByDateDeclared in code
Inventory.SortByNameDeclared in code
Inventory.SystemFoldersToTopDeclared in code
InventoryAutoOpenDelaySeconds before automatically opening inventory when mouse is over inventory button when performing inventory drag and
InventoryLinkingEnable ability to create links to folders and items via “Paste as link”.
InventorySortOrderSpecifies sort key for inventory items (+0 = name, +1 = date, +2 = folders always by name, +4 = system folders to top)
LastSnapshotToInventoryHeightThe height of the last inventory snapshot, in px
LastSnapshotToInventoryWidthThe width of the last inventory snapshot, in px
NoInventoryLibraryDo not request inventory library.
RecentItemsSortOrderSpecifies sort key for recent inventory items (+ = name, +1 = date, +2 = folders always by name, +4 = system folders to top)
ShowEmptyFoldersWhenSearchingShows folders that do not have any visible contents when applying a filter to inventory
ShowInventoryAutomatically opens inventory to show accepted ojects
ShowInventoryButtonShow/Hide inventory button in the bottom tray.
ShowNewInventoryAutomatically views new notecards/textures/landmarks
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