Inventory Item Properties

If you highlight an item in your inventory, right click it and select Properties, then Inventory Item Properties window will open, similar to the example on the right.

This window gives details on the item, and the permissions associated with it. Note that many object characteristics cannot be changed while an object is in inventory. To access the entire range of properties, rez out the object, then right-click and Edit it.

  • Name: Name of the object.
  • Description: An optional description.
  • Creator: Name of the person who created the object. To the right is a button which when click, will display the creator's profile.
  • Owner: name of the current owner of the object. To the right is a button which when click, will display the owner's profile.
  • Acquired: The date and time you received the item. If you rez out the object, then take it, the date/time you took it will be shown here.In other words, it shows the most recent time it went into your inventory.
  • You can: This shows what permissions you have on this object. See the SL Wiki for details on permissions.
  • Anyone: If Copy is enabled, then when the object is rezzed, anyone will be able to take a copy of it - providing any contents may also be taken this way. It is often easier to set objects for sale for 0L rather than setting them as “Anyone can copy”.
  • Group: Shares control of the object with its active group when rezzed in-world. It retains its owner, but other group members may modify it as their group abilities allow.
  • Next Owner: Indicates what permissions will be applied to the next owner of the object. See the SL Wiki for details on permissions.
  • For Sale: Enabling this allows another person to buy this object when it's rezzed in-world. You cannot set an object for sale if it's no-transfer. After setting a price, choose one of three sales modes:
    • Copy: An exact copy is automatically sent to another Resident's inventory after purchase. The original stays in-world.
    • Original: The in-world original changes ownership to the purchaser. Once they take it, it disappears from in-world. Also useful for transferring objects that need to be moved but not taken into inventory.
    • Contents: A folder containing the object's contents is sent to the purchaser's inventory. This is the preferred choice of delivering outfits and other multi-item packages without having to open a box.
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