The Covenant Tab

The Covenant Tab shows you the basic rules set by the owner(s) of the Region. These rules are not set by Linden Labs and are enforced by the Region owners. It also displays basic information about the region and restrictions on transfer of land.

  • Estate: The name of the estate. (For an overview of what regions and estates are, and the types of region, please refer to this SL Wiki page.)
  • Owner: The Resident who “owns” the estate.
  • Last Modified: Date and time the covenant was last edited (shown on right)
  • Region: Each region has a unique name; names can only be changed via ticket on the Second Life website.
  • Type: Regions may be Mainland or Estate, and Full, Homestead, or Openspace. Mainland regions may be owned in units of less than a full region, while Estate regions are only sold in full region units. Limits on number of objects and avatars are set according to type. Full regions may have 15,000 objects and 40-100 avatars, Homesteads may have 3,750 objects and 20 avatars, and openspaces may have 750 objects and 20 avatars.
  • Rating: The maturity rating of the region determines the kind of activity and content is allowed in the region. It is one of General, Moderate, or Adult, and is set by the estate owner, or Linden Lab for mainland regions.
  • Resale: Shows whether the parcel tenant may resell land to other residents.
  • Subdivide: Shows whether the parcel tenant can subdivide land into smaller parcels. (See Terraforming, which includes information on how to join and subdivide parcels.)
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