About Land - Media Tab

In this tab you set options concerning streaming media for the parcel. This means videos from services such as YouTube, web pages, and so on. Media content is displayed in place of a specific texture; all prims which have that texture will display it. Therefore, it is possible to turn an entire home into a TV.

For information on settings concerning streaming audio and voice, see this page.

  • Type: Select the type of media to be displayed. Options are: audio, Image, Movie, Web Content. For TVs, this needs to be set to Movie. Note that many TVs will set this for you.
  • Home Page: The URL to be displayed. Again, most TVs will set this for you. Opens the URL Entry window.
  • Description: Description of the media being played. Generally set automatically.
  • Replace Texture: Any prim face that has this texture will display the selected media. Use the Texture Picker to change it.
  • Auto scale: Check to scale the content for this parcel automatically. It may be slightly slower and lower in visual quality, but no other texture scaling or alignment is required.
  • Size: Allows you to define the size (height and width) of the displayed media, in pixels.
  • Options - Loop: Play media in a loop. When the media has finished playing, it will automatically start again from the beginning. This option is only available for video media types.

If you have issues getting media to work for you, then please refer to Firestorm Media Help

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