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  • Region Object Bonus Factor: Sometimes Sim owners are able to give residents more prims than they would normally get. A 2x prim bonus will get you double prims.
  • Primitive usage: Shows the number of primitives (prims for short) used on the land parcels owned by the same owner in this region. If you own more than one parcel, the total for all parcels in this region are given. Also shows the total number allowed, and number not used. Complex objects are made of more than one prims, so it is not the same as the number of objects. Prim allowances are shared among all parcels owned in the same region. You may distribute your actual objects as you see fit. For example, if you own three parcels, you can place all your objects on one of them, using the combined allowance of all three, and leave the other two empty.
  • Prims parcel supports: Shows the number of primitives the current land parcel can contain. If the geometric center of an object is located within the parcel boundaries, all of its component prims are counted, even if some parts overhang onto other parcels. Prim allowances are proportional to land area as a fraction of the total allowed in the region. Hence if your parcel is 4096 sq.m., which is 1/16 the area of a full region, then it would receive 1/16 of a full region's allowance of 15,000 prims, or 937 prims (unless you are given a prim bonus by the Region owner).

Prims on parcel:

Shows the actual number of prims on the parcel currently. The “Show” buttons under this heading will highlight the prims with white outlines, to make them easier to find. The “Return” buttons will take them off the parcel and return them to the “Lost and Found” folder of the owner.

  • Owned by parcel owner: The number of prims owned by the avatar listed as the parcel owner.
  • Set to group: The number of prims set to the same group as the General tab shows for the parcel.
  • Owned by others: The number of prims owned by avatars other than the owner or group.
  • Selected/sat upon: The number of prims currently selected or sat upon.
  • Autoreturn: Allows a timed return of objects other than owner or group owned. If set to 0 the timer is off, otherwise will return items after a set number of minutes. This allows temporary placement of items.
  • Object Owners: If you have the correct ability as owner or group member, provides a detailed list of object owners by name and allows returning those objects when highlighted.
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