This window shows information about a landmark. It is opened by right clicking a landmark in your inventory and selecting About Landmark, or, from the Places window, by right-clicking a landmark and selectiong More Information.

The window gives details about the location, including

  • a picture (if one was specified for the parcel)
  • its name
  • region location
  • description
  • information on who created the landmark itself
  • user notes

At the bottom are 4 buttons:

  • Teleport: As the name suggests, this will TP you to the location.
  • Map: Opens the world map, showing the location
  • Edit: Allows you to edit some parts of the landmark: the title and your own notes, as well as which folder it is saved in.
  • Up arrow: has a menu:
    • Copy SLurl: Copies the location SLURL to your clipboard, for later pasting into a document or anywhere you like (paste with Ctrl-V).
    • Delete: Deletes the landmark from your inventory
    • Create Pick: Adds this location to your Picks.
    • Add to Favorites Bar: Adds the landmark to your favorites.
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