On the Top (menu) Bar

  • Viewer and Help (shows by default)
  • Ctrl-Alt-D - brings up the Debug menu



  • Firestorm help (F1) - Opens the viewer wiki in your web browser
  • About Firestorm - Shows a window with information about your system, viewer credits and licenses.


NOTE we do not recommend using this unless you know what you are doing.

  • Show Debug Settings
  • UI/Color Settings
  • XUI Preview Tool (Ctrl-T)
  • Set Window Size
  • Show TOS
  • Show Critical Message
  • Web Browser Test

Bottom bar

  • Username: Type in your full user name here.
  • Password: Type in the password associated with the user name entered.
    • Rememebr password: Enable this if you wish the viewer to store your password for the next time you log in.
  • Log In: Click this button to start the log in process.
  • Default Settings: (Viewer Mode) Please refer to this page for more information.
  • Start at: Here you can select whether to log into your home location, your last location in-world, or a specific region (type in the name).
  • Log onto Grid: (If you cannot see this field, press Shift-Ctrl-G) This allows you to select which grid you wish to log into. Grids may be configured via PreferencesOpenSim tab.
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