This window is accessed via the Script Editor window. It allows you to customize aspects of the editor.


You can customize colors used in the editor user inetrface, to suit your taste:

  • Text
  • Cursor
  • Background
  • Sections
  • Data types
  • Events
  • Comment
  • String literals
  • Integer constants
  • String constants
  • Float constants
  • Compound
  • Flow control

Script Editor Options

  • Convet tabs to spaces
  • Enable LSL Preprocessor: Enables the functionality offered by the LSL Preprocessor. This has a few additional options, if enabled:
    • Script optimizer: Refer Enables the script optimizer
    • Switch() statement: Enables Switch/case statements.
    • Lazy lists Enables Lazy lists.
    • #includes from local disk Allows the use of the #include directive.
      • Preprocessor include path

NOTE: The preprocessor options are duplicated in PreferencesFirestorm -> Build 1.

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