Mac OS X 10.10 and Fullscreen Mode

App Nap is a function introduced in Mavericks that allows a program not in focus to use fewer resources. On Yosemite, this function causes a fullscreen FS to time out, forcing a disconnect. You an solve this by disabling App Nap, as follows:

  • Open the Finder (click on the blue happy face on the Dock) and navigate to your Applications folder.
  • Select the Firestorm application and ctrl + click the icon and select Get Info. This brings up a separate pop up window that details everything about that particular application.
  • In the General section of the window, after the details of the application itself, there are two check boxes: Prevent App Nap and Locked. Enable Prevent App Nap and close the window.

More info on what App Nap does can be found here.

Massive "Lag"

If you are using Firestorm 4.7.1 on Yosemite, and have an nVidia graphics card, you are likely experiencing this issue. It appears that Apple decided to include an older version of the graphics card driver for this release.

No solution is available as of the time this was written; please refer to the JIRA linked above for the most current information.

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