This window is used to add media (a web page) to a prim face. It is accessed from the Edit floater, Texture tab.


Media Settings Window

This tab deals with general settings of the media.

  • Home Page: Specify the URL of the web page to display. Once loaded, the web page will be shown in the preview window below.
  • Current Page: Displays the current web page that the media was set to, before editing began.
  • Reset: Resets the current URL of the media face to the home page given above. Resetting affects all Residents who are viewing the media.
  • Auto Loop: Replays media automatically when it finishes playing. Only applicable for certain media types (some videos, etc.).
  • Autozoom: If this is enabled, anyone who clicks the media prim will have their camera automatically zoomed onto it.
  • Auto Play Media: If enabled, the web page will automatically display for all residents, unless they have disabled auto-play in their viewers.
  • Auto Scale Media on Face of Object: If this is enabled, the web page will be scaled to fit the prim face automatically. Disable this if you wish to scale manually - in which case, supply the values in the fields below.


On this tab you can customize how users see and interact with the media.

  • Controls: Select from Standard or Mini. This controls the web navigation controls shown above the media. Mini remove the address bar, preventing people from typing in an URL manually.

The three groups below are access control for the Owner (avatar or group, if the prim is deeded), the group the prim is set to (if any), and anyone else.

  • Allow Navigation and Interactivity: Allows mouse and keyboard interaction with the media.
  • Show Control Bar: Shows the navigation controls.


Allows you to create a list of URLs that this media face is allowed to visit. This can help control an immersive experience, as well as prevent URLs you deem inappropriate from being entered. If you try to visit a URL that's not allowed, the object navigates back to the previous media.

  • Only Allow Access to Specified URL patterns: Limits the URLs this media face can visit to the list defined on this tab.
    You can use wildcards with asterisks (*) to specify domains. For example, ** allows and to be visited, but not The media face's Home Page set in Media Settings - General needs to match the access list or it won't load.
  • Add: Allows you to add a URL to the URL access list.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected URL from the access list.

In-world example of Media on a prim: Media on a Prim - In-World Example

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