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If you're looking for how to get your event in the Firestorm Message of the Day, keep reading!

Yes or No

The events we promote on the viewer Message of the Day are:

  • Not for profit, community events organized, hosted and/or sponsored by the community.
  • Charity events that benefit good causes.

The idea behind what we agree to promote and what we don't are simple. If it's going to benefit you financially either directly or indirectly (publicity stunt), we are not going to promote it. However, if it's purely for residents, hosted by residents with no profits or financial benefits either directly or indirectly to you or those involved, we will consider it. We have always been, and will always be, about the community.

We cannot however promote religious events or anything that may offend or exclude other races, creeds, cultures or persons. For example, we were asked to promote Memorial Day, and while we support troops all around the world 100%, it is an American event which other countries do not participate in. That makes it exclusionary and not something that qualifies for us to promote.

Note: we do not promote anything on the login page itself. Just the Message of the day.

(Information extracted from this blog post.)

We are no longer able to run Messages of the Day for 'hunt' type events as we're unable to verify all the locations contained in the hunt are suitable for a 'General' audience.

Partial day events, events that don't run all day and only run for a few hours1) will not receive a 24 hour Message of the day. It's a waste of valuable Message of the Day space. Approved partial day events Message of the Day will be run for two hours preceding the event and will end thirty minutes before your event ends.2)

Event Ratings

Your Event must be suitable for a 'General' audience.
This includes the region hosting your event, as well as your web site and all its contents including any advertisements that may appear on your web pages, (not only the page we will be linking to in the MotD).

Events on 'Mature' regions will be considered on a case by case basis only and we must be given early access to your event space for assessment. 3)

If your event space is closed to the public prior to your event opening, please add “Lassie Resident / f0536c4f-a552-4e97-a197-dd3051fd4344” to any necessary access list or group so your event space can be checked for anything that may need to be addressed before your requested message of the day run time. 4)

Adult events and events on 'Adult' regions will not be promoted in the Firestorm Message of the Day.

Firestorm isn't only used by adults. We also have minors who log in to Second Life using our viewer so we must keep our MotD safe for their experience as well.

If in doubt, ask yourself these questions:
Would I want my grandmother attending my event?
Would I ask a kindergarten class to attend my event?
Would I ask my co-workers to attend my event?

See Maturity ratings - Second Life, for more information about Second Life maturity ratings.

Your Web Page

NOTE: The Message of the Day isn't designed to get people to your event, it's designed to get people to click your website link. It's up to your website to get people to want to visit your event.

Make sure the page on your website we will be linking to in the Message of the Day:

  • Has an easy to find and prominently displayed SLURL to your event.
  • Is clear and to the point about your event. 5)
  • Is easy to read. 6)
  • Has your contact information if you wish to provide it.
  • Doesn't send people clicking on other links to find what they want to get to your event.

You should save promoting your overall web site and more information about your event for your event. Once people are at your event you can tell them what ever you want, it's your event! The page we link to in the Message of the Day should be focused on getting people to want to go to your event.

We can NOT put a SLURL as a link in the Message of the Day, it won't work, it has to be a link to a live web page.

When designing the web page we will link to for your event;
Keep in mind, when people see the Message of the Day they are trying to log into Second Life, not your web page, if your web page doesn't give them what they want, and quickly, most won't stick around to find it.

Please please please be sure and promote your event in other mediums as well! See Priorities below as to why this is important!

  • Message boards.
  • Classifieds.
  • Profile pics.
  • Etc.
NOTE: A Special note for Relay for Life events. If possible, DO NOT USE the Relay for Life web site (main.acsevents.org) for your message of the day link. Using this site as your link-to site from the MotD WILL MAKE YOUR TRAFFIC WORSE as it is confusing to Second Life visitors and makes it difficult to display an easy to find SLURL to your event.

Firestorm MotD Priorities List

The Firestorm Message of the Day priorities governing what Message of the Day will be run at any time are as follows:

  1. Real life global crisis. 7)
  2. Linden Lab requested MotD issuing critical information regarding Second Life. 8)
  3. Firestorm viewer related news.
  4. Firestorm viewer related events.9)
  5. Firestorm hosted events, not viewer related. 10)
  6. Important Second Life community events. 11)
  7. Hot support topics from the in-world support groups.
  8. Other messages of the day, these are on an automatic rotation12).
    1. Other organization hosted events. Your MotD request. Rotated with other events as needed.13)
    2. Other organization event application requests. Your MotD request. Rotated with other application requests as needed.
  9. Linden Lab standard MotD.

Request a Firestorm Message of the Day

This page and our MotD rules are subject to change without notice. You should check and read this page before submitting any Message of the Day request, even if we've run a Message of the Day for you previously.

If you have a community event that you would like promoted on our MOTD you can send a request to lassie@phoenixviewer.com for consideration. We do not charge for promoting your event nor will we accept any benefits, financial or otherwise. Though you can expect we may attend your event ;-) . Please provide your in-world name and details to the event. All events we promote are required to have a website we can link to.

Please provide the following in your request

The name of your event in the subject of your email. For example, MotD Request for Watching Grass Grow Event.

And in the body of your request:
If the following info is not in your request your Message of the Day will not run.

  • Tell us a little about your event.
  • The specific date range you would like your MotD to run.15)
  • The URL for your event website.
  • A secondary contact name16).
  • An in world name we can contact if needed.
  • Optional, what you would like your Message of the Day to say.17)

Once this is received your request will be evaluated for inclusion in the Firestorm MotD. If you don't hear back from us in a few days consider everything good to go. We will email you if we need more information or if something is missing.
If your MotD is declined you will be replied to as to why your event MotD wasn't accepted.

:-D Good luck with your event! :-D

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the Firestorm Message of the Day? Here are the most commonly asked questions.

Why haven't I heard anything back about my MotD request?
Typically we don't respond back to requests if they're approved and we don't need more information. If you don't hear back you can expect it to go into the MotD rotation as soon as your event starts.

Why am I not seeing my MotD in the MotD?
Event messages of the day are no longer being allocated exclusive run times. We received many complaints about this and, in all honesty, seeing the same event MotD for days or weeks every time someone logs in or teleports will cause people to start to ignore the MotD after while. Event MotD's are now added to the MotD rotation in order to prevent an MotD from going stale.18)

My friend died and they were a well known figure in SL, will you run a MotD to help us raise funds for their funeral or family?
Unfortunately, no, while we are sorry for your loss this is a door we won't open as once we run one MotD of this type we'll be expected to run them for everyone.

I run a popular event for Relay for Life, why am I getting so much hassle over our MotD application?
Most likely this is because you're trying to use the main ACS website as your link-to site. That site is intended for real life Relay for Life events and is set up for those events. Because of this it's not an effective site for use as a Second Life RFL website. There's no way to prominently display your event SLURL and there's no easy way to get information about your event to people clicking the link in the MotD. While using that site may seem like a good idea it actually prevents attendance to your event. Even though it may seem like you are being hassled, rest assured, we're trying to maximize the benefits of having a Firestorm MotD and help you receive as much traffic to your event as possible.

If you have a question about the Firestorm Message of the Day that isn't covered above please feel free to email me at lassie@phoenixviewer.com and ask.

To Do and Work in Progress

Included for transparency.

To Do

  • Better define what is acceptable as a MotD and what isn't.
  • Discuss whether or not to include an upcoming, in progress and or past MotD reference list, (and what to include in it).
  • Finish the MotD application form.

Work in Progress

Coming soon!
Click here to apply for a Firestorm MotD (Doesn't work yet.)
But is still a good template for what you should send us in an email about your event!

These types of events are discouraged as they're difficult to keep up with and schedule around and tend to fill up fast causing the Message of the Day to be displayed to people who won't be able to get into the region to attend the event.
Message of the Day start and end time may be shortened as needed depending on how popular your event is.
For example, while avatar nudity is allowed on a Mature rated region, it will get your event declined for a Firestorm Message of the Day.
This is important and delaying this check may delay your MotD from running as requested.
Including what your event is about, what people can do while they are there, what organization it supports, what you'll be doing with the proceeds, etc. Really sell it!
For example, while it may look artistic, light grey text on a white background is not easy to read.
If anyone is around to set it and can connect to the Firestorm server.
Should be accompanied by a Linden Lab Blog post with additional details.
These tend to be temporary, see Firestorm Classes footnote regarding MotD run times for these.
Firestorm Gateway or other Firestorm events.
For example, SL15B, approved SLEA events.
See this page for information about the automatic MotD rotation.
This includes partial day events.
Temporary MotDs, usually starting two hours before the class starts and ending five minutes after the class has started. Not always included in the MotD, check the class schedule for class dates and times.
If you don't provide specific dates here your MotD will most likely run only one day.
The more contact names you can give or a group title to look for can greatly reduce the chances of your MotD being delayed should any last second questions or concerns arise.
This may be shortened or rewritten for readability or to fit the limited space of the actual Message of the Day.
Event MotDs may be granted exclusive login runs for a day or two at our discretion.
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