The information below was kindly supplied by Jean Severine; for any further assistance, please do NOT ask in the Phoenix/Firestorm Support Group, we cannot help you.
Instead, refer to the Second life Commerce Group.
  1. Log on to SL.
  2. Log on to Marketplace.
  3. Select My Marketplace → Merchant Home.
  4. Log off of the Marketplace USING the “Sign Out” button.
  5. Log off of SL.
  6. Log back into Marketplace, selecting Select My Marketplace → Merchant Home.
  7. Log back into SL.
  8. Select from the FireStorm Main Menu: Avatar → Merhcant Outbox.
  9. Drag a single product, boxed or foldered, into the Merchant Outbox window.
  10. Click the “Send to Marketplace” button.

But that's not the end of this bug-ridden process.

Once you have successfully sent all your products into the DD environment, you logically go to your “Manage Listings” page to check out the result. Once there, you see all your new stuff listed as “Direct”, and all the old stuff listed above in the “Unassociated Inventory Items” block, carrying a “Magic Box” designation. All attempts to delete those unassociated items will fail.

And if you refresh your page, you will find, inexplicably, the presence of an entire DUPLICATED set of the SAME items appearing now in your “Manage Listings” block, but listed “Magic Box”. Even after you have DELETED your Magic Box and hit the resync to Magic Box button, which no longer even exist! All attempts to delete these duplicate entries will also likewise fail!

To resolve all these issues, you must go back to your Merchant Home page, and click on the “Magic Box Status” link, which will take you to the now EXTINCT for over a year, X-Street site. Once there, you are confronted with the popup that tells you X-Street is no longer operative, but to click “cancel” if you need to re-enter the X-Street environment. Clicking “cancel” does nothing but throw you back to the new Marketplace. To successfully re-enter the old X-Street environment, at the popup u click the small popup “x” to close the popup, and enter the old X-Street “Manage Items” page. Once there, you must then scroll down and DELETE any Magic Box server entries there.

Once the old “Magic Box” server entries are DELETED on the extinct system page, you can then return to the new Marketplace, and delete all the Unassociated items, as well as delete all the duplicate Magic Box entries in your “Manage Listings” block.

Why the new DD system interrogates an EXTINCT X-Street system boggles the mind! But with no guidelines indicating you need to do this, the entire process becomes one of mounting frustration and complications.

Credits the Second Life Commerce Merchants support group, and a couple special people for the inside poop on making this entire bug-ridden system work.

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