Icon to Open Appearance Panel

You can access the outfit window by going to the Avatar menu and clicking on Appearance, or by clicking the icon in the bottom button bar. This opens the appearance window, which allows you to view and edit outfits. Another way of accessing this window is to right click yourself and select Edit Outfit from the menu.

NOTE: A large number of saved outfits (say, 200 or more) can cause problems for some, resulting in freezes or crashes due to running out of memory. This applies in particular to adding more items to existing outfits, via Add More.

Appearance Window - Display View

View of All Outfits

  • Outfit name: At the top of the window is the name of the currently worn outfit - if any; otherwise “No Outfit” appears here. Note that No Outfit doesn't mean that nothing is worn - rather it can simply mean that you wore items manually for different folders, or by some means other than this window.
  • Screwdriver-Wrench Icon: This allows the currently worn outfit to be edited. This is described here.

Outfits Tab

This view displays your outfits, the ones located in your inventory, in the folder called Outfits. Outfit folders are listed alphabetically, and do not show “nesting” (ie, if you have folders within folders, that structure is not shown in this view.) Several things can be done in this view:

  • Small Arrow: clicking this will open the outfit to show all items in it. Clicking it again will close the outfit folder again.
  • Right Click - Folder: Right clicking an outfit name displays a small menu. With this, you may wear the outfit, replacing the one worn, wear it but adding to whatever you have worn, take it off (if it is currently worn); you can also rename or delete it.
  • Right Click - Item: If you right click on an item in an outfit folder, you can wear or detach it, get information about it (item profile), and so on.
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