Clicking on this tab gives a list of all currently worn items: clothing and attachments (including HUDs). Right clicking any one allows you to detach that item, or edit it (which opens an edit window), or to edit the entire outfit; this last is covered below.

  • Gear Icon: Below the outfit list view is a gear icon. This behaves differently, depending on whether you are in My Outfits view or Wearing view:
    • In My Outfits View: Many of the options are also available when right clicking folders or single items. But in addition, it is also possible to create new clothes or new body parts.
    • In Wearing View: Allows you to edit the outfit, or remove a worn item.
  • Send to clipboard: This button will copy the list of worn items to your clipboard; from there, it may be pasted into a notecard, or a text editor or blog post, with Ctrl-V (Cmd-V on a Mac).
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