This panel shows a gallery view of your outfits. Actions are available by right clicking on any image.

  • Wear - Add to Current Outfit: Adds the selected outfit to your avatar.
  • Take off - Remove from current outfit: Removes the items in this outfit from what your avatar is wearing.
  • Upload Photo: Upload a photo to use as the gallery image. Costs 10L. Photos cannot be larger than 256×256.
  • Select Photo: Select an existing texture from your inventory. Again, images cannot exceed 256×256.
  • Take a Snapshot: Take a snapshot in-world, with immediate upload to inventory. Cost is, as always, 10L.
  • Remove Photo: Removes the current photo associated with the outfit.
  • New clothes: Create a new clothing item to add to the outfit.
  • New Body Parts: Create new body parts to add to the outfit.
  • Edit Outfit: Go into edit outfit mode.
  • Rename Outfit: Change the name of the outfit.

All of these options are also available in the gear icon, on the bottom left.

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