This window allows you to add, edit or delete picks and classified ads. It is especially useful if you use Web-based profiles, as those do not allow for editing of picks and classifieds.

This window has two tabs:

  • Picks are generally used to record favorite locations in SL, and also frequently, close friends, or special past events. Note that picks are always associated with a location, given that they were designed to record places.
  • Classifieds are ads places with LL, in order to promote a location (store, club or other venue).

Clicking on the arrow to the right of a Pick or Classified will open a detailed view about that particular location. To return to the list, click the arrow the top left of the window. Clicking the More link will show a small caption as hovertext with the same information given on the detailed view.

To edit Picks or Classifieds, you can use the two icons near the bottom of the window:

  • + Icon: allows you to add a new picks or classified. Note that the location you are at, will be added automatically; this cannot be changed manually - but see below.
  • Trash Icon: with this, you can delete the currently selected pick or classified ad.

If you wish to modify an existing pick or classified, right click it and select Edit. Then you will be able to change the title, description, and set a new location.

At the bottom of the window are these buttons:

  • Info: Same as clicking the arrow to the right of each Pick.
  • Teleport: To visit the location in Second Life, click this.
  • Map: Opens a map showing the location of the specific Pick.
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