Region Details - Debug Tab

This tab is used to help diagnose and resolve problems the region might be experiencing, particularly region/server lag.

The top three check boxes disable vital functions of the region; do not use them lightly! They can serve not only to try to identify potential problems with objects on the region, but also as emergency measures to combat griefing.

  • Disable Scripts: Disable all scripts on the region.
  • Disable Collisions: Disables collisions from occurring.
  • Disable Physics: Disables the physics system. Note that while this is off, no avatar will be able to move.

Object return allows you to return all objects owned by a given person. This is sueful in griefing situations, but use with extreme care, select the name carefully as there is no way to undo this!

  • Resident: Opens the avatar selector to allow you to select whose objects to return.
  • Options:
    • With Scripts: Only returned objects if they are scripted; unscripted ones will be left.
    • On someone else's land: Will return only objects on parcels owned by someone other than you.
    • In every region in this estate: Useful if you own several regions, which have been littered with objects by the same person.
  • Return: Click once you have selected the person and options. You will be asked confirmation. Again, this cannot be undone; use with care!

The next two buttons display lists of objects, which can be used to find any that might be causing excessive region lag:

The last two buttons concern region restarts:

  • Restart Region: Schedule a region restart. You can indicate how much to wait before this will commence, the default being 120secs (2mins). A message will be sent to the region, warning people of the restart.
    Restarts can help resolve some issues with a region.
  • Delay Restart: Delays the region restart by one hour. Use this as a temporary measure if there's an ongoing rolling restart but it's essential for you to get something done first, such as hosting an event.
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