Region Details - Terrain Tab

This tab pertains to the terrains textures for the region, as well as saving or loading the overall terraformed “shape” of it.

The first section contains some global limits:

  • Water Height: Leave this at 20.00m unless you know what you are doing. Otherwise water on adjacent regions and the edge of the world appears with a strange gap.
  • Terrain Raise/Lower Limit: Specifies how high/low parcel owners can terraform their land relative to the baked terrain (see below). Reduce this if you do not want any high peaks or deep valleys. See Land Limits.

The 4 texture boxes are for terrain textures, one for each of 4 heights. You can use the Texture Picker to change the textures, or drag and drop from your inventory.

Below this are elevations ranges, in pairs for the four corners of the region. This allows you to vary the way the textures are applied.

Note: The Low value indicates the height at which Texture 1 ends, while the High value indicates where Texture 4 begins. Between these ranges, the textures are blended automatically, based on height.

Note: The terrain system has a certain amount of randomness, so it appears somewhat different each time you or other Residents refresh or relog into the region.

The final row of buttons are available to region owners only.

  • Download RAW Terrain: Saves the region's terrain shape in RAW 24) format. Prompts you for a location to which you would like the file saved.
  • Upload RAW Terrain: Opens a file choser so you can restore a saved RAW terrain file. Note: The uploaded file will replace the terraforming of the region, so use with caution!
  • Bake Terrain: Sets the baseline terrain elevation, as well as the shape when the Revert tool is used. Bake terrain after you're happy with terraforming the region.

For information on RAW Terrain files, see this SL wiki page.
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