There is a helpful tutorial video here.


This tab shows the list of avatars, objects and groups which you have blocked (muted).

Right clicking any name gives the following options:

  • Unblock: Allows you to remove the person, object or group from the block list.
  • Profile: For avatars, opens the person's profile.

The gear icon on the top has the same fucntions as the right click menu.

The List icon has these otpions:

  • Sort by Name: Sorts the friends list alphabetically by name.
  • Sort by Type: Sorts the list by type (ie, Group, avatar, object)

The '+' icon allows you to add a person or object to your block list:

  • Block Resident by name: Opens a person selector window, so you can pick who you wish to mute.
  • Block object by name: Opens a window into which you should type the name of the object to block.

The trascan icon can be used to remove the selected entry from the block list.

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