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This tab shows your friends list. It has two tabs: Online and All, which are self-explanatory. The Possible Friends tab is used if you connect your SL account to Facebook; the tab will the show people whom you may know and wish to add as friends.

The list is organized in columns. The first shows the person's name. Following this are a series of icons:

  • Edit rights, their objects: highlighted when the person has given you rights to edit, move, delete their objects.
  • Edit rights, your objects: highlighted when you have given the person rights to edit, move, delete your objects.
  • Map rights: highlighted when you have allowed the person to locate you on the world map.
  • Online status: when highlighted, the avatar will be able to see your online status.

Two of these may be toggled on/off, so you can give or revoke edit rights, for example, by clicking the appropriate icon. The same is true for map rights.

When you right click on a person's name you get the following options:

  • View Profile: opens the selected person's profile.
  • IM: Opens an IM to the person.
  • Offer Teleport: Click this if you wish to offer to teleport the person to your present location.
  • Voice Call: Initiates a private voice conversation with the other person. Naturally, both need to have voice enabled and functioning.
  • View Chat Transcript: Requires that chat be logged; set in Preferences → Privacy -> Logs & Transcripts.
  • Remove Friend: This option is only shown if the person is on your friends list. Clicking it will dissolve the friendship. Currently, the other person is not informed, but your calling card will be moved to the person's trash.
  • Invite to group: allows you to invite the epson to a group you belong to; opens the Groups selector window.
  • Map: If your friend gave you map rights, this item will be enabled. If clicked, it will open the world map and show the person's current location.
  • Share: If you click this entry, an IM window opens; you can then drag and drop inventory items into it, to give them to the other person.
  • Pay: Opens a window, which you can use to pay the other person L$. Some default values are shown, or you can type the number in manually.
  • Block/Unblock: aka Mute/Unmute. This mutes the other person, completely blocking them from contacting you. You will not see anything they type in local chat or receive any IMs they might send, and all inventory offers made will be automatically declined. Use with caution; muting a person can also mute their objects, which means that if you make a purchase from them, you are likely to not receive what you paid for.

The Sprocket/Gear icon at the top of the Friends tab has the same functions as the right click menu.

The List icon to the right, has these functions:

  • Sort by Name: Sorts the friends list alphabetically. Useful on the All view.
  • Sort by username: Only useful if you also have display names enabled.
  • Sort by Status: Sorts the list by online status. Useful on the All view.
  • View People Icons: If enabled, displays a small icon from the avatar's profile to the left of their name.
  • View Permissions Granted: If enabled, shows the permissions icons described above; otherwise, these icons are hidden.
  • View Conversation Log: Shows the conversation log (if logging is enabled).

The '+' icon to the right of the gear gives access to a powerful people search/selector window.

Friends List - Search

The window is organized into tabs.

  • Search: type in part or all of a person's name, then click go, and the list below will populate with all matching names. Select the person you were looking for (assuming the name is listed), then double click or click on Ok to offer that person friendship.
  • Friends: This is a simple sorted list of your friends.
  • Near Me: Shows a radar list of avatars near you. You can increase the range to broaden the scope, if needed. The circular arrow will refresh the list. As above, if you find the name of someone you wish to add as a friend, double-click it or click the Ok button at the bottom.

Finally, the trashcan icon can be used to unfriend the selected person.

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