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People Panel - Groups Tab

The Groups tab shows the list of groups to which you currently belong.

When you right click on a group, you get the following options:

  • Activate: Sets the selected group as your active group.
  • View Info: This displays the group profile, allowing you to view information about and manage the group (if you have the ability to do so).
  • Chat: Opens the chat window for the selected group.
  • Voice Call: Initiates a voice conference call with the group.
  • Leave: Select this if you wish to leave the selected group. You are prompted for confirmation.

If you mouse over the list of groups, you will see two icons appear to the far right. These give fast access to the group profile.

The sprocket/gear icon at the top has the same options as the right click menu.

The list iconto the right, has this option:

  • Display Group Icons: If enabled, shows an icon image of the group logo.

The '+' sign gives the options to:

  • Join Group: This will open the search window, where you can enter the name of the group you wish to join.
  • New Group (Create): Opens a blank group profile window, with which you may create a new in-world group. Fill in at least the group name and select the group maturity rating. Creating a group costs L$100.

The Trashcan icon allows you to leave the selected group.

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