Avatar List Functions

List Tab (Right-Click Avatar Name to get Menu)
  • Profile View profile of selected Avatar in list
  • IM Open private IM session/conference with selected Avatar
  • Moderation See “Moderation Menu” section below
  • Copy Key Copies UUID of selected Avatar
  • Chat Command
  • Track Place world map beacon on selected Avatar. Tracking lasts as long as they remain in max draw distance or if the Track button is pressed again (toggle off)
  • Mark
  • Script Count Get script count of the selected Avatar
  • TP To Teleports directly to position of selected Avatar
  • Offer TP Send teleport request to selected Avatar
  • TP To, TP Offer, Track, Command, and Mark features are also available as buttons on the bottom of the Avatar List
  • Left & Right Arrow Buttons Equivalent to Prev & Next, allowing selection of previous name in Avatar List or next name in Avatar List

Moderation Menu (Right-Click Avatar Name > Moderation)

Note: Some buttons on this tab only work with granted rights from group or parcel ownership.

  • Mute Add to personal Mute list
  • Unmute Remove from personal Mute list
  • Report Opens Abuse Report Window with selected Avatar in offender field
  • Eject Remove selected Avatar from parcel
  • Ban Add selected Avatar to parcel ban list
  • Freeze Freezes selected Avatar on parcel
  • Unfreeze Unfreezes selected Avatar on parcel
  • Estate Kick
  • TP Home Send selected Avatar to their home coordinates
  • Estate Ban
  • GTFO

Options Tab
  • Radar Alerts to Chat Shows alerts as selected below in Local Chat
  • Av entering/leaving simulator Sends notification in Local Chat when Avatar enters or leaves simulator
  • Av entering/leaving draw distance Sends notification in Local Chat when Avatar enters or leaves draw distance
  • Av entering/leaving chat range Sends notification in Local Chat when Avatar enters or leaves chat range
  • Ave Age Alert Treshold Shows local alert when avatar below set avatar age threshold (in days) comes within maximum draw distance or region
  • Update Checkbox enables the Avatar List to update. Unchecking will stop changes made to the list.
  • Update even when closed Updates Avatar List and related Radar Alerts even when Avatar List floater window is closed
  • Announce keys to HUD Checkbox enabling the list of Avatar keys to be sent to chat channel -777777777 for HUD scripts to update and display (updates when agents enter & leave. Use play 76c78607-93f9-f55a-5238-e19b1a181389 to force update.)
  • Color friends and muted avatars
Avatar List Icons

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