This window combines the standard camera controls window with many options which affect camera, taken from Preferences. Some of the settings here may also be found on the Phototools window, but not all.

This is accessed via a button on the button bar. If you do not have the button visibile, right click any button on the button bar, and select Toolbar Buttons; the Toolbar Buttons window opens. Locate the Phototools Camera button there, and drag it onto any of the button bars (bottom, left or right). Alternately, you can access via top menu, World → Photo and Video → Camera tools.

Cam Controls 1

Phototools Camera - Cam 1

  • The leftmost circle allows you to rotate your camera.
  • The vertical slide to the right controls zoom; you can drag it or use the +/- signs for finer control;
  • The arrows in the square pan the camera left/right and up/down.

Below this are several buttons, as follow:

  • Preset Views: Shows a list of the available camera view presets, in place of the camera controls list above.
  • Orbit, Zoom, Pan: This is the default view, described above.
  • Camera Modes: Allows you to select between Object view, which is the default camera view, and mouselook.
  • Store current camera view: Saves the current camera view to your computer.
  • Load stored camera view: Recovers a saved view, changing your view back to it.

Camera Movement Settings

  • Zoom: In real world terms this is a Zoom feature. This will change the field of view in you viewer window. It is the same as hitting Ctrl + 0 or Ctrl+8.
    NOTE: This will not function if you have flycam enabled (3D SpacenNavigator).
  • Zoom Speed: Controls how fast/slow the camera will zoom in and out. Higher values produce slower and smother zoom.
  • Camera Lag: Amount camera lags behind avatar motion (0 = none, 30 = avatar velocity).
  • Camera Offset: Controls how far the camera is offset/distance from the default point of view.
  • Cam. Smoothing: Controls how smoothly the camera starts and stops. Higher values produce smoother (and somewhat slower) movement.

Cam Controls 2

Mouse Movement Settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity: Controls responsiveness of mouse when in mouselook mode.
  • Display avatar mouselook: Display avatar and attachments below neck while in mouselook. Default is OFF.
  • Smooth Mouselook Movements: Smooths out motion of mouse when in mouselook mode.

Additional Camera Options

  • Clicking your avatar keeps camera position: Normally, clicking on your avatar resets the camera position. This option removes this behavior.
  • Reset camera position after teleport: Normally, the camera position gets reset when teleporting (within a region). This option prevents this behavior.
  • Disable minimum camera zoom distance: Disable the constraint on the closest distance the camera is allowed to get to an object.
  • Allow the camera to move w/o constraints: Ignores the 'push' the simulator applies to your camera to keep it out of objects.
    Requires a restart to take effect.
  • Reset camera position on avatar movement: If this is disabled and you move your avatar, the camera will not follow it.

3D Mouse

  • Move L/R: Adjusts the sensitivity of the Left/Right movement. If you find it difficult to move with precision, use lower scale values.
  • Move U/D: Adjusts the sensitivity of the Up/Down movement.
  • Move I/O: Adjusts the sensitivity of the In/Out movement.
  • Pitch: Adjusts the sensitivity of the Tilt movement.
  • Yaw: Adjusts the sensitivity of the Spin movement.
  • Roll: Adjusts the sensitivity of the Roll movement.
  • Zoom Speed: Adjusts the sensitivity of the Zoom speed.
  • Feather: Setting the slider all the way to the right will make the camera very rigid, giving complete control to the joystick. Setting the slider all the way to the left will make the camera very fluid like the camera weighs a lot; good for fly-by shots, not good for framing.
  • Zoom Axis Mapping: Controls which mouse axis the zooming function is mapped to (set to work with).
  • Enable 3D Mouse: This turns on the 3D Mouse.
  • Enable Zoom Control: In order for the zooming control to work, you must set the 'Zoom Mapping' above to '4'.
  • Enable Auto Leveling (Prevents Camera Roll): The camera will always remain level.
  • Use the 3D Mouse to move the avatar:The mouse will move your avatar.
  • Use the 3D Mouse to move objects (building): Uses the 3D mouse to move objects when building and editing.
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