The Place Profile window is accessed from the top menu bar → World → Location Profile. It shows summary information about the parcel you are on - for full details, click the parcel name at the top of the window to access About Land.

  • Parcel: Here you can see what abilities you have, like whetehr vocie is enabled, flying, building, etc. These is also a button to access About Land.
  • Region: This gives basic information about the region that the parcel is on. Click the Region/Estate button for details.
  • Estate: Shows the owner of the estate that this region is part of, and the covenant.

There are three buttons at the bottom:

  • Teleport: Allows you to TP to the location. (Note that this will be greyed out if you have not moved since opening the window.)
  • Map: Opens the World Map to show the location.
  • Up Arrow: shows a menu:
    • Mark a landmark: creates a landmark
    • Create a Pick: creates a Pick in your profile.
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