This tab allows you to backup and restore your Firestorm preferences in a safe way. This is useful in a number of situations. For example:

  • The viewer is behaving in an unusual way and settings corruption is suspected. You can create a backup of your settings prior to wiping them to defaults, to see if default settings solves the problem. If it doesn't solve the problem, you can quickly revert to your old settings.
  • You are upgrading to a new version of the viewer. Generally, this requires you clean install (which implies not only removing the old version before installing the new, but also wiping settings), since settings files tend not to be compatible between versions. You can use backup/restore to save having to manually reconfigure all setting after the upgrade.

NOTE: Not all settings are backed up. Some are not considered “safe” to restore, particularly during a viewer update.

  • Backup Path: Select the folder where your backup settings will be written; click the Set button to select the folder.
    (Please do NOT store directly to your dekstop.)

Below are three groups of settings which may be saved/restored:

  • Global files: Settings which affect all accounts;
  • Per Account FIles: Settings whcih can be different for each account;
  • Folders: This includes custom selection beams, windlight, and so on

To select all of the available settings for backup/restore, click the Select All button; Deselect All unchecks all of them, allowing manual selection of just some.

  • Restore global settings: Check this if you wish the restore operation to restore the settings listed in the Global Files column.
  • Restore per account settings: Check this if you want the restore function to restore settings listed in the Per account Files column.
  • Backup Settings: Click this button to create a backup of your settings, to the folder specified at the top.
  • Restore Settings: Click this to restore settings previously saved by a Backup.

For step by step instructions, please refer to this page; there is a video tutorial here.

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