• Maximum Bandwidth: Sets the maximum bandwidth the viewer will pull. Please see this page for detailed instructions on setting this.
    • Custom Port: Allows you to set a custom port if needed.
  • Web browser:
    • Use external browser for all links;
    • Use built-in for SL links only;
    • Use built-in for all web links.
  • Maximum number of web browser windows: Choose the maximum number of web browser windows that will open.
  • Clear Browser Cache: Clicking this button will clear the cache of the internal web browser (only).
  • The following are enabled by default, and should remain enabled in order for search and other viewer web functions to work:
    • Enable plugins
    • Accept Cookies
    • Enable Javascript (note that javascript is not the same as Java; SL viewers do not use Java).
  • The following is disabled by default:
    • Enable media browser pop-ups
  • Adjust Proxy Settings (button): Opens a new window where you can specify proxy settings.


  • Cache Size: Determines the maximum cache size. Set this is high as possible, based on the free space on your hard drive.
    See here for info on what cache is, and above all, why it should not be wiped regularly.

    • Clear Inventory Cache: Click this to wipe the inventory cache only.
  • The File Locations in this section have one or more buttons that do the following:
    • Open: will open the folder specified, on your computer.
    • Set: will allow you to set a custom location (if applicable).
    • Reset: will reset the location to its default location.
  • Cache Location: Shows the location of the cache.
    • The Clear Cache Button will clear cache on the next relog.
  • Sound Cache Location: You can specify a different folder to use for cached sound files.
    • Don't delete unpacked DSF (sound) cache files when logging out: If checked, the viewer will not delete unpacked sound files from the cache when logging out, which may improve performance when playing in-world sounds.
      NOTE: enabling this will probably fill your cache directory very quickly, since it ignores the max cache size setting, which may result in excessive disk usage.
  • Conversation logs and transcripts location: Shows the location of your chat transcripts and logs. (Chat logging is enabled in the PrivacyLogs & Transcripts tab.)
  • Open Crash Logs Button: Will open the folder that the log files are in.
  • Open Settings Folder Button: Will open the folder that the settings files are in.
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