• Notify me when I spend or get L$: Displays a message when you spend or receive L$.
    • Report L$ transactions in local chat instead of toasts: Will show L$ transactions in local/nearby chat.
  • Notify if the simulator version changes while changing region: Displays a message showing if the simulator server code version changes during a region crossing or TP.
  • Query for latest news at login: If enabled, the viewer bridge will query the grid status and display it in chat if there are updates.
  • Enable Growl Notifications: Enables the use of Growl to alert you to new messages when the Firestorm window is not the currently active one.
    NOTE: This setting will be disabled (greyed out) if you do not have Growl installed and active.

    • Enable Growl even if Firestorm is active: If this is enabled, you will get Growl notifications even when Firestorm is active.
    • Filter duplicate IMs if they have already been shown as part of a keyword alert


  • Flash the app icon when receiving a message and Firestorm is not in focus: When enabled, you will have a visual alert if you get a message while the viewer is not in focus.
    • Also flash the app icon when receiving an instant message from an object: Self explanatory.
  • Notify me when somebody changes their display name: Will alert you if anyone in the same region changes their display name.
  • Notify me when I block or unblock somebody
  • Notify me when my friends log in or out:70)

    • As toasts: Displays a toast when people on your friends list log in or out.
    • In nearby chat and console: To have it show in local chat console and nearby chat instead.
    • In nearby chat only: This has the notifications show only in nearby chat. (Only available when the previous option is enabled.)

Objects & Scripts

  • Flash the app icon when receiving a script dialog and Firestorm is not in focus: With this enabled, you get a visual notification if you get a scripted popup in the viewer.
  • Report collision notifications in nearby chat: Displays a message when physical objects collide with you.

  • Report script errors in: Script errors may be shown in:
    • Nearby Chat
    • Separate window
  • Report region's total script count changes: Displays a message if the total number of scripts in a region suddenly jumps (up or down).
    • Threshold: You can indicate the size of the jump needed for it to be reported. If the script count change is less than the value here, you will not be notified.
  • Report collision notifications to scripts on channel: Collision events can be reported to scripts; specify the script listen channel here.


  • Notify me when I am charged for an upload: Disable this if you do not want a notification shown for each upload.
  • Notify me when a landmark has been created: When enabled, you will be notified when you make a new landmark.
  • Disable 'object has been returned to your inventory' notifications: Enable if you do not wish to be informed when objects are returned to you.
  • Log filename of saved snapshots in to chat history: Shows the name of saved snapshots.
  • Notify about items from objects coming in too fast: Disables the default notification that occurs when a lot of items arrive in your inventory quickly, which can happen when unpacking boxes containing many items.
  • Notify about items from other residents coming in too fast: Similar to the above, but applies when the source is a person rather than a box containing inventory.
  • Incoming object offers threshold: The value here indicates when the above two notices are triggered.


The upper list, Always show, shows alerts which will be displayed to you; the lower list, Never show, includes messages which will not be shown.

To have an alert no longer show, locate the message in the upper section, then click the down arrow in the middle, thus moving it to the lower section.

Similarly, if you wish to re-enable an alert, locate it in the lower list, then click the up arrow to move it to the upper list.

See also Sound & Media -> Sounds → Play a sound when my friends log in/out.
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