Grid Manager

This tab allows you to edit, delete or add grids that the viewer will recognize, and make available at the log in screen.

In order to be able to login to grid other than Second Life, you need to enable PreferencesAdvanced → Allow login to other grids.

Secondly, you need the grid selector on the log in screen. If you do not see it, press Shift-Ctrl-G to activate it.

  • Add new grid: Here you can type in the login URI of a grid you wish to add to the existing list. You should consult with the specs of the grid in question to obtain the correct URI to place here. Click on Apply to save the URI; click on Clear if you change your mind.
  • Manage Grids: This shows the list of currently defined grids. Many are already present, by default.
    • Refresh: Reloads the default definitions.
    • Remove: Deletes the currently selected grid from the list.

The fields below this are auto-populated and cannot be edited:

  • Grid name
  • Grid URI
  • Login page
  • Helper URI
  • Grid Website
  • Grid Support
  • Grid Registration
  • Grid Password URI
  • Grid Search
  • Grid Message URI


  • Enable region Lightshare settings: Use OSGrid Lightshare.
  • Debug Search:
    • Override current search url: replace the default search URL (SecondLife) with a different one. The default will be used if this is left empty.
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