General Tab

  • Clear History (button): Will clear Login image, last location, teleport history, and web cache.
  • Show my profile info in Search results: When enabled allows anyone to find you using search.
  • Only friends and groups know I'm online: Allows only people on your friends list to see if you are online. Please note that LSL has a function that will still show your true online status to anyone.
  • Only friends and groups can call or IM me: When enabled allows only friends and groups to be able to IM or Call you.
  • Show invitations for already joined groups: If this is enabled, then you will be shown invitations sent for group which you already belong to. If disabled, such invitations will be suppressed.
  • Switch off microphone when ending calls: Turns off your microphone when you end a private voice call (Recommended and enabled by default; greyed out if voice is disabled).
  • Let scripted objects see my current language setting: Will let scripted objects see what your language is set to in the viewer.
  • Show my Favorite Landmarks at Login (via 'Start At' drop-down menu): This allows any LMs saved in your favorites folder to be accessed from the login screen.
  • Automatically accept new inventory items: If enabled, any items given to you will be automatically accepted; you will not be given the opportunity to accept or decline.
    • Log automatically accepted inventory items to nearby chat: If you have the above option enabled, then a message will be displayed in nearby chat if the viewer automatically accepts an item.
  • Use legacy inventory offer accept/decline messages: If enabled, the viewer will only send accept and decline messages after pressing the appropriate button. If disabled, the accept response will be sent automatically as soon as the inventory offer has been received. This option has no effect if inventory offers are accepted automatically (option directly above).
  • Automatically show newly accepted items in inventory: will open the inventory window when you receive an item
  • Automatically view notecards, textures, landmarks after accepting: If enabled, these items will automatically pop open when accepted.
  • Automatically show snapshots in inventory after upload: when uploading snapshots, automatically view them in inventory.
  • Create particle effects upon giving objects to other avatars: When this is enabled (default), the well known “swirling particles” effects will be created round your avatar when you give inventory to another. Disable this to prevent that effect.
  • Manage Block / Mute List: Opens the Block List so you can review, add, remove people.

Logs & Transcripts Tab

Here you can enable/disable saving chat logs, as well as add timestamps and/or dates. Chat log locations are defined in PreferencesNetwork & Files -> Directories.

The term Log now refers to the correlation between avatar name and UUID and the start time a conversation was opened. Transcripts are the actual text of the conversations. This is explained in more detail here.
  • Logs/Transcripts Drop-down: Select what you wish to save:
    • Log and transcripts
    • Log only
    • No log or transcripts
  • Clear log… Click this to erase the stored log.
  • Delete transcripts: Click this to erase any saved transcripts.
  • Save nearby chat transcript: Enable this to save local chat.
  • Use legacy file name format for transcripts: Enable this to use the older style file name for transcripts (User Name), instead of the new one (user name).
  • Add date stamp to transcript filenames: If enabled, log file names will have the current date included in the file name. (not recommended)
  • Use built-in transcript viewer: Enable this to use the built-in text viewer when accessing chat history.

LookAt Tab

“Look At” refers to crosshairs which show where an avatar's camera is focused (normally, by Alt-Clicking on something). It doesn't necessarily mean that the person is looking at that point, however, since the camera view can be moved after focusing by means of the camera controls.

  • Show look at targets: Global toggle to enable the look at cross hairs.
  • Show names for look at targets: Here you can select whether to show avatar names on the LookAt crosshairs:
    • None
    • Complete name
    • Display name
    • Legacy name
    • User name
  • Don't show me my own look at target: If enabled, this option inhibits the display of your own crosshairs on your screen.
  • Render lines to lookat target: Draw a line from an avatar to their lookat target.
  • My Look at targets:
    • Don't send my look at targets to others: Prevents your camera focus point from showing to others.
    • Don't send any look at targets at all, not even to myself: Prevents your avatar's head from moving to face a point your camera is focused on in your own view. This head movement is not necessarily visible to others whether or not this option is enabled.
    • Don't send my selection target hints: Prevents your selection pointer from showing to others.

Autoresponse 1 Tab

The fields here allow you to customize autoresponse messages, to be sent when your have some of the autorespond mode set from the top menu, Comm → Online Status.

  • Automatic response when in UNAVAILABLE (ie, BUSY) mode: Put the busy autoresponse message you want sent in this text box. To actually enable autorespond, go to the top menu bar → Comm → Online Status.
  • Automatic response to all avatars when in AUTORESPONSE to everyone mode: The message here is sent to people who IM you, if you enable Comm → Online Status → Autorespond.
  • Automatic response to non-friends when in AUTORESPONSE TO NON-FRIENDS mode: Similar to the above, but sent when Comm → Online Status → Autorespond to non-friends is enabled.
  • Send autoresponse when in AWAY mode: If enabled, a message will be sent if someone IMs you while you are Away, set in Comm → Online status → away.
  • Send autoresponse to MUTED avatars: If this is enabled, then a message will be sent if someone you have muted, sends you an IM.

Autoresponse 2 Tab

  • Automatic response to all avatars when in REJECT TELEPORT OFFERS mode: This message is displayed when you enable Comm → Online Status → Automatically reject teleport offers.
    • Don't reject teleport offers (and send response) from people on friends list: If this is on, then TP offers from friends will not be automatically rejected.
  • Automatic response to all avatars when in REJECT FRIENDSHIP REQUESTS mode: This message will be sent to anyone requesting friendship, if that option is enabled.
  • Autoresponse item: You can drag an item into the field here, to have it delivered to people when autoresponse messages are enabled.

See this page for documentation on Firestorm 5.0.7 (52912) and earlier.
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