In this preferences panel you can choose the viewer skin and viewer color theme for Firestorm. The viewer skin determines the overall shape, layout, and graphics of Firestorm's controls. The theme determines what colors are used to draw these viewer controls. The viewer skin and viewer colors are only for Firestorm itself - these do not affect your avatar or anything else in-world.

The following skins ship with firestorm:

  • Firestorm
  • Metaharper
  • Starlight
  • Starlight CUI
  • Vintage
  • AnsaStorm
  • Latency

These come with different color schemes, which may be selected from the drop down menu below. The top of the panel gives a handy preview of the skin.

There are three other options on this page:

  • Reset Toolbars to the skin's preferred layout when changing skins: If this is enabled, when you change skins and relog, the predefined toolbar buttons layouts will be applied; disable this to maintain your customised layout, if any.
  • Reset toolbars to the login mode's preferred layout when changing login modes: When enabled, this option keeps the login mode's designed toolbar button layout, overriding your chosen toolbar customizations, when you change login mode.
  • Use Viewer 1 style cursors: Changes the cursors to the “old style” ones used in Phoenix. You will need to relog if you change this option.



Author     : Ansariel Hiller
Themes     : Bright Blue, Classic Brown

Firestorm Skin

Author     : Jessica Lyon, Wolfspirit Magic, Ansariel Hiller
Themes     : Grey, Dark, High Contrast

The Firestorm skin is the default skin for most installs. It was created to resemble a V1-style viewer with its inventory, profiles, friends, blue dialogs, and other nuances. The grey theme provides medium contrast that is not as harsh as darker backgrounds, while still not taking away from the in-world colors. This skin uses solid backgrounds on the bottom buttons and select other controls for maximum control clarity.

Metaharper Modern Skin

Author     : Arrehn Oberlander
Themes     : Appalachian Sky, CoolOcean, BlackGlass

The Metaharper modern skin is an avant-gard blend of the V1 and V2 styles. It features darker backgrounds to emphasize in-world colors, and makes frequent use of transparency in its controls, most noticeably in the bottom buttons and top toolbars. Icons in Metaharper modern are ghostly white. The Appalachian Sky color scheme uses natural mossy green and forest browns for accents. Metaharper modern is occasionally used for experimental UI changes: At the moment it features an experimental quick preferences button variation that prefers avatar physics control in place of older sliders. It also features an experimental camera floater with all modes exposed, similar to the Kokua viewer.

Starlight Skin

Author     : Hitomi Tiponi & Starlight Contributors
Themes     : Original Orange, Original Teal, Mono Teal, Nostalgia Blue, Silver Pink, Silver Blue

Starlight is a skin with a large number of usability and presentation improvements, many contributed by residents. In addition Starlight has brought its own subtle redesign to give the interface a lighter feel, several colour variants (called 'Themes'). The color themes of the starlight skin are diverse: “Nostalgia Blue” pays homage to early official viewer colors, while “Original Teal” may be most like stock V2 of all the skins included in Firestorm. The “Silver” pair of color variations bring a rare dark text on light backgrounds look to the viewer.

Starlight CUI Skin

Author     : Hitomi Tiponi & Starlight Contributors
Themes     : Custom Dark, Custom Light

Starlight CUI - Colourable User Interface. This is a highly customizable skin; information on how to customize is give on this SL wiki page. See also the Custom Colors Tab in Preferences.


Author     : Zi Ree
Themes     : Classic

Vintage is designed to look and feel as close as possible to the original Phoenix skin.


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