Animation Preview

This window is shown when you have selected an animation to upload.

NOTE: With the exception of Name and Description, most of these options can't be changed after uploading. So set them carefully, as otherwise you will have to reupload.

The options available are:

  • Name: Auto-populates with the uploaded BVH's filename.
  • Description: Enter optional details.
  • Priority: Determines the animation's relative importance when your avatar is playing multiple animations. Higher priorities override lower ones. For example, if you upload a priority 2 animation where your avatar's legs are kneeling and play it at the same time as a priority 4 animation where the avatar's legs are dancing, dancing takes precedence.
  • Loop: Enable this to have the animation play repeatedly until stopped manually or by a script. Loop needs to be on if you're creating a static pose.
  • In(%) / Out (%): Sets the duration of the loop cycle. For example, if an avatar walks for the first half of the animation then waves a hand for the second half, setting In(%) to 50.000 loops the waving part.
  • Hand Pose: Choose a pose from the dropdown for additional body language. For example, a jumping animation may be complemented by choosing Spread.
  • Expression: Choose a facial pose. Like Hand Pose, it's a subtle difference that can go a long way toward expressing an avatar's “emotion.”
  • Preview while: Doesn't affect the uploaded animation, but rather, shows how the animation interacts with other typical animations. Particularly useful in conjunction with Priority.
  • Ease In (sec) / Ease Out (sec): Sets the transition time for the animation to start or stop. Longer times are more gradual. For example, if you want an avatar to sit on a chair smoothly instead of suddenly appearing in it, try an Ease In (sec) time of 1.000.
  • Play / Stop Buttons: Previews or stops the animation. Even if your final result isn't meant to loop, it can be useful to temporarily enable Loop so you can experiment with various animation settings without having to press after each cycle. Also, you can drag in the preview square to zoom and rotate the generic avatar.
  • Upload: Uploads the animation after you're happy with customizing the above choices. Your account will be debited 10L by SL.

NOTE: Animations must be in valid BHV format. If the Upload button is greyed out, then the most likely cause is that the file format is not correct.

For more information on animations in SL, refer to this SL wiki page.


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