This window is opened when your double click a texture or snap shot (or if your right click it and select Open). It shows a preview of the texture. Drag the lower-right corner of the window to enlarge or shrink the window.

  • Description: Description of the current texture. If the texture is a Snapshot taken in Second Life and transferred directly to inventory, it shows who took it and the location where it was taken.
    Below, it shows how large the actual texture is in pixels. Larger textures can have more detail but also consume more memory and are slower to load.
  • Preview aspect ratio: Select Unconstrained to change the texture's aspect ratio freely. If you'd rather snap it to a specific size and force it to stay that way as you enlarge or shrink it, select it. For example, the 1:1 aspect ratio is square and used for profile pictures, while the 4:3 aspect ratio is used for places pictures. 16:9 is common for widescreen movies.
  • OK: Closes the texture preview.
  • Discard: Puts the texture in the trash.
  • Save As: Click this button to save the texture as a TGA or PNG file to your hard drive, where you can edit it further, then upload back into Second Life. This button only appears if the texture is fully permissive.


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