This tab shows a person's Picks. Picks are generally used to record favorite locations in SL, and also frequently, close friends, or special past events. Note that picks are always associated with a location, as this was the use for which they were designed.

Clicking on the tab to the right of each will show a detail view about that particular location to the right.

  • Teleport (button): To visit the location in Second Life, click this.
  • Map (button): Opens a map showing the location of the specific Pick.

On your own profile, you will have two additional buttons at the top (as shown in the example to the right):

  • New… With this, you may create a new pick. Initially it will auto-fill with the details taken from the parcel profile. You an edit these as you like - all except for the location itself. If When you are happy with it, click the Save Pick button; otherwise click Cancel.
  • Delete… Click this button if you wish to delete a pick from the list.
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