Here is a sample of what you will see when looking at a profile:

  • Name: Self explanatory.
  • UUID Key: This is the avatar's Universally unique identifier, a key which uniquely identifies this avatar from all others.
  • Online status: will show whether the avatar si online or offline.
  • Profile picture: On you own profile, clicking this will open a texture picker window, allowing you to select a new profile picture. If the profile is that of someone else, clicking the picture will cause the full sized image to open.
  • Born: Shows Month, day year and exact age.
    08/27/2006 (4 years 9 months old; 1745 days)
  • Account Info: Indicates Resident status, and whether payment information is registered with LL.
  • Partner: If the avatar is partnered, the partner's name will be shown here.
  • Groups: Shows the list of publicly visible groups to which the avatar belongs.
    • Plus sign: (Only on profiles of others.) Clicking this will allow you to invite the person to a group.
  • About: A brief summary written by the avatar to describe him/herself.
  • Give Item: You can drag and drop an item into this space to offer it to another person.
  • Find on Map (button): This will be greyed out if not on your friends list; otherwise, this will open a map showing the avatar's current location in-world, if online.
  • Offer Teleport (button): Sends a teleport offer to the avatar; if accepted, the avatar will be brought to your current location.
  • Add Friend (button): Sends a request to the avatar offering friendship. If accepted, this results in them being listed on your Friends list and their calling card being added to your Calling Cards inventory folder.
  • Pay (button): Allows you to send L$ directly to the avatar.
  • Instant Message (button): Opens an instant message window for direct one-on-one communication.
  • Block (button): Blocks the avatar from communicating with you. Equivalent to the “Mute” button in Phoenix viewer.
  • Gear (button): Clicking this gives a menu:
    • Share: Selecting this, an IM window opens, and inventory items may be given to he other avatar by dragging them into it.
    • Call: starts a Voice call with the other person.
    • Copy Name: Copies the avatar's name to the clipboard, for later pasting into a notecard or script or external document (paste with Ctrl-V).
    • Copy URI: Copies the URI for the avatar to the clipboard. This looks like:
    • Copy UUID: Similar to the above, but copies only the UUID; for example:
    • Report: Select this if you wish to file an abuse report concerning the person whose profile you have open. This opens the Report Abuse window, with the avatar name already filed in.

Display Names

If you have a display name and wish to change it (or if you wish to set one for the first time), you will first need to have display anmes enabled in PreferencesGeneral: View Display Names. With that set, you will get a wrench icon on your profile, to the right of your user name. Click that to open the Change Display Name window.

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