Here is a sample of what you will see when looking at a profile:

  • Name: Self explanatory.
  • UUID Key: This is the avatar's Universally unique identifier, a key which uniquely identifies this avatar from all others.
  • Online status: will show whether the avatar si online or offline.
  • Profile picture: On you own profile, clicking this will open a texture picker window, allowing you to select a new profile picture. If the profile is that of someone else, clicking the picture will cause the full sized image to open.
  • Born: Shows Month, day year and exact age.
    08/27/2006 (4 years 9 months old; 1745 days)
  • Account Info: Indicates Resident status, and whether payment information is registered with LL.
  • Partner: If the avatar is partnered, the partner's name will be shown here.
  • Groups: Shows the list of publicly visible groups to which the avatar belongs.
    • Plus sign: (Only on profiles of others.) Clicking this will allow you to invite the person to a group.
  • About: A brief summary written by the avatar to describe him/herself.
  • Give Item: You can drag and drop an item into this space to offer it to another person.
  • Find on Map (button): This will be greyed out if not on your friends list; otherwise, this will open a map showing the avatar's current location in-world, if online.
  • Offer Teleport (button): Sends a teleport offer to the avatar; if accepted, the avatar will be brought to your current location.
  • Add Friend (button): Sends a request to the avatar offering friendship. If accepted, this results in their calling card being added to your Calling Cards inventory folder.
  • Pay (button): Allows you to send L$ directly to the avatar.
  • Instant Message (button): Opens an instant message window for direct one-on-one communication.
  • Block (button): Blocks the avatar from communicating with you. Equivalent to the “Mute” button in Phoenix viewer.
  • Gear (button): Clicking this gives a menu:
    • Share: Selecting this, an IM window opens, and inventory items may be given to he other avatar by dragging them into it.
    • Call: starts a Voice call with the other person.
    • Copy Name: Copies the avatar's name to the clipboard, for later pasting into a notecard or script or external document (paste with Ctrl-V).
    • Copy URI: Copies the URI for the avatar to the clipboard. This looks like:
    • Copy UUID: Similar to the above, but copies only the UUID; for example:
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